What Is Going On With My Lilies

jennifer960490May 22, 2006

Good morning,

I am sending a SOS cause I don't know what is happing to my lilies. First I was told wilt, then leaf scorch so bought I bought a bag of lime and mixed it in with my soil, then I was told leaf spot and last a virus, I need to know what this is, can it be treated and if so with what, will my lilies live to bloom or will they die, and are they healthy.

The link listed below is where my pics are viewable. Please help me I am new at this.


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BLC63(z7 Raleigh NC)

Jennifer, your link isn't working so I cannot see your pic, but I wanted to ask what kind of lilies you've planted. I ask because I know Oriental lilies prefer acidic soil, so I'm worried about you adding lime. Try posting another pic.

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chemguynj(z6 NJ)

Lime (Calcium Oxide) will indeed turn your soil basic. Lilies prefer slightly acidic soil. Ammonium phosphate is the way to go.

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May be to late but you description sounds like it could be Botrytis. The lily may look like the after effects of a fire, leaves are brown. If this is the disease, spray with Maneb, Mancozeb or a copper spray. Good luck.

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