Banana pepper leaves curling upward

jennieboyer(8)March 2, 2013


Please see the attached picture. These are banana peppers that are about 2 inches from the grow lights. The seedlings look healthy, but the leaves are "growing up" towards the light. The plant is not leggy, and I can see the tiniest beginning of the first true leaf, so wondering if it's anything to worrry about. Plant to close to light? Not close enough? Leave it alone? Thanks!


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they look fine to me

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If youâÂÂre using fluorescent lights, then itâÂÂs just fine. You can fix fluorescent bulbs at 2-3 inches away from the tops of your plants. You can provide 24x7 light for your pepper sprouts for first 4-5 weeks; then you can switch to a 16:8 cycle for a week.

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