lilies too close! Now what?

mary_lu_gwMay 11, 2006

I dug and replanted these lilies just a year ago last fall. This is only their second spring. I can't believe how they have multiplied again! At the time I dug them I posted a message about how big the "mother" bulb was and the number of babies I got when I dug her up. Looks like I will have to do it again.

My question is, is it alright to just let them like they are for the summer? Will it hurt how close they are?

lilies as they look now...

Picture of "mother" bulb and a few "babies" when I dug it up in fall 2004 (notice I nicked it with the shovel, didn't expect it to be so large)

lilies blooming last summer


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shic_2006(4a 5a)

Marylu, I just want to say your lilies are beautiful. You have such a green thumb. I also recommend you to add some fancy orientals.

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Hi MaryLou.. the lily is obviously very very prolific. In future, when you dig and seperate, you should probably plant then yards apart (not feet apart). LOL !!

I would leave them for this season (even next if you need to). Crowded lilies do not do as good, but another year wont hurt them.

Nice to see that your lilies look so healthy. They can probably do with a good shot of fertilizer by now.

-- kenneth

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--kenneth....hi! This is the same lily that I sent you some babies from. Was wondering how they did? Did they survive and grow for you? Sure hope so! Are they multiplying like the mama? :-)

Yes, you're probably right, need to get out and fertilize. Can I ask what kind you use? Thinking back, I doubt if I have ever fertilized these at all. ohhhh....if I do fertilize....wonder what I'll get then?

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chatterbox(T5A 3S4)


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