How much frost can Oriental lilies stand?

audrey_gwMay 11, 2009

Hi, all. My Oriental and Orienpet lilies came up fast this year, and some are a couple feet tall already. But we did have possible frost predicted for last night and tonight. We lucked out last night, as the temperature stayed around 40. But it is supposed to be colder tonight, in the low 30's.

I really don't know how I would cover the lilies, as they are so tall already. And sometimes covers, if they are laying directly on the leaves, seem to hurt more than help.

I do recall that I lost most of the lilies one year when the temperatures dipped into the 20's. But I don't think it's supposed to get quite that cold tonight. Can these lilies take lighter frosts, but not heavier ones?

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I believe they will be fine if the temperature will not be lower than 28-30F. I would still cover the most expensive ones - just in case...

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Thanks! There was a fairly heavy frost this morning, though I don't think the temperature got any lower than 32. As I already had three-foot stakes encircling the lilies--to prevent my dog from running over them and breaking them off--I just draped blankets over those stakes. And, as the stakes were still taller than the lilies, that did seem to hold the covers above the leaves. At the moment the lilies look fine, but I'll have to see how they react after the sun shines on them a bit.

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