When to move Surprise Lilies (Naked Ladies!)?

kterlep(5/6)May 23, 2009

Hi! We've only had this house since last July, and were shocked when Surprise lilies came up, and equally surprised when another area of the yard also had the foliage (we must have inadvertently mowed them. The previous owner was a planthater and sprayed roundup on everything he could, so I'm quite sure that these bulbs haven't been divided for at least three years, and I bet it's been more like 5-10 years.

Can I move the bulbs once the foliage has died back? I have established a new front flower bed with daylilies, Irises, tulips, daffodils, and some annuals, and I would be happy to have them in the front to supplement the bed this summer.

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Naked Ladies seem to be pretty tolerant. I've transplanted (moved) them even when they've been in bloom and they survived. So yeah, you can move them as soon as the leaves die and I'm sure they'll be just fine!

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