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blazepepper(7b)May 23, 2008

I have planted several rows of Lillies this year. I bought them as "assorted Daylillies", or "Asst Naturalizing Daylillies". They were described to produce bicolored blooms for months from spring to fall. Anywho, they are in the ground in full sun, prob 7+ hours a day in a perinnial bed I startd this year. The lillies are now starting to bloom, some of them sooner than others. One in particular is gorgeous, huge pink and yellow bicolor blooms arout 2.5 feet tall. My question is, why does the bloom explode with color and size, then shrivel up the next day and fall off? I thought daylillie blooms lasted for a long time? Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong? They sure are pretty, but I'd hate to think that each bloom only last for about 24 hours? Any tips/advice/info would be appreciated. thanks

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Hemerocallis (daylily): from the Greek hemera, "day," and kallos, "beauty," thus meaning "beauty for a day".

What you're seeing is normal for daylilies. Though each bloom lasts for a day, each stalk should have several or many buds that open for a succession of days prolonging the blooming period. In the assortment you bought, you will probably have some that bloom early, mid season and late season - perhaps some that even rebloom. That is how the marketer of the assortment you purchased could get away with saying blooms for months.

Your original intent may have been to buy Lilium bulbs. Google the images for Hemrocallis and for Lilium to see the difference.

And don't be disappointed with the daylilies - they're a real plus in any garden.

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