Honduran Red Beans

TheodosiasGardenMay 31, 2014

I was in Honduras a year or so ago and brought back a pound of small red beans from the market. They are the typical small red beans one sees all over Latin America. I did not see them growing. Does anyone know if this type is pole, half-runner, or bush?

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Probably, only someone familiar with that area of Honduras would know. But I do have experience growing some beans in different latitudes than their origins. I can say that there are some beans which seem indifferent to lattitude (latitude primarily affects day length). But others are day length sensitive. So, a bush bean from Honduras, if planted in Indiana, might turn into a pole bean. Generally, if such a change is going to happen, going North will produce taller plants and later maturity dates, while taking a Northern bean South will produce shorter plants and faster maturity, with corresponding lower productivity.

There is still time for you to pop a couple in the ground and see what happens. Even if they don't produce seed, you would get a better idea of what you've got.

Tahlequah, OK

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Thank you George. That makes a lot of sense. A numbe of years ago, I bought some beans from an ethnic grocery in Indianpolis. They were from Africa and were obviously a Hyacinth Bean (Dolichos) type. I planted them along my corn, and have never had beans of any kind make as much growth. It looked like kudzu, but they never bloomed. Later, I gathered that this was a variety that needed shorter days in order to flower. A few of my Honduran beans are flowering. I will select those early flowering plants for seed for next year. Thanks again!

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