Shop Lights for $4.46

bobb_2002(Z6 S.W. CT)March 3, 2005

I went to HD today to return 4 shop lights (sku 140-905) that were damaged on the ends ( the boxes were a bit crushed on one end). I bought 8 of them a couple of weeks ago for $6.38 each. The cashier scanned them and said the current price was $4.46, which I didn't believe. I went to the lighting section and the sign still said SALE $6.38, but the computer said $4.46. So I returned the bad ones and got my $6.38 each back, then bought 6 more for $4.46 each. Then I said I'd also take the damaged ones if they would mark them down. I got the 4 banged up ones for 20% off the $4.46 price which came to $3.68 each! I'll take the damaged ones apart and use the ballasts for overdriving the good ones.

You might not find any damaged ones but I bet the ones that are marked $6.38 will ring up at $4.46. I saw another post about a new version of the light that is pre-assembled and I saw just one at the HD but couldn't find a price for it. It looks similar but the metal chassis has a trapezoidal cross-section instead of a rectangular section. So maybe the old model is on its way out.

Bob B

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bobntess(Z5 PA)

Just tried our local HD yesterday and they were out of stock. On my last trip I got what I believe were the last 3 they had and I'm wondering if they aren't stocking them anymore. I'll have to ask someone in the store next time. I found the 140-904's on their web-site for $7.25 ea.

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bobb_2002(Z6 S.W. CT)

OOPS, Sorry I said they were 140-905 but they were really 140-904. My typo. Wait a bit and the new pre-assembled ones might show up in your store.
Bob B

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jkirk3279(Z5 SW MI)

I went to HD today, and those units were $4.04 apiece. I bought ten.

I wonder why the clearance. I have a theory.

Someone posted the diagrams for Instant Start and Rapid Start ballasts.

These say on the box, Instant Start.

But the wiring is Rapid Start.

Maybe the boxes are labeled wrong.

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korney19(z6a Buffalo, NY)

I might be the person who posted on the new design. I bought 2 904's last week Friday (there were between 80-100 left) and Monday the 904's were gone, excedpt for 1 open box resealed with a lot of tape--they gave me that 1 + 3 of the new design. I think the new one is 733 or 722 or 723 -334 or some similar #, for $7.98. Ironically, the box said HBSL16 or some letter or two before the SL16. YES, it said 16, not 15. I had a guy open 1 while on the phone and he said it was an SL15.

Anyway, I called all the H-D's near me and after striking out finally found a location that had the old style, the 140-904. They told me it was $4.46 too, so I got dressed and got there about 10 minutes before closing and bought 20 of them. lol

Not only that but the nice lady on the phone in customer service said to bring in my receipt and they'll give me back the difference on the $6.38 price from last Friday...even though I bought it at a different H-D!

So since I forgot to bring my receipt, I'll have to call them tomorrow and see if they are now down to $4.04, at which time I'll bring BOTH receipts.

If the boxes are labeled wrong & that's the reason for the clearance price, I wonder what will happen with the new model--it too supposedly has the SL15!


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bobb_2002(Z6 S.W. CT)

I guess the new model has a different part number but from what you are saying the ballast is pretty much the same SL15, The HBLS16 is the fixture part number and doesn't necessarily mean there is a SL16 ballast inside. I looked for a SL16 ballast on the sunpark web site and they don't have one listed.

Wouldn't it be great if the new model stayed below $5? I don't understand how they can make a profit but I guess I shouldn't care. The lights are good although when you get a dozen of them in a room you can definitely hear a hum.

In any case I'm starting to get tired of assembling shop lights but my tomato plants are doubling in size every 2 weeks and keep demanding more space. At this rate they will be the size of my house by the end of November and the only thing saving the world from complete annihilation will be a killing frost.

Bob B

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