Just a few leaves wilting on pole beans

jcrowder(7)May 31, 2010

I have a couple of rows of pole beans that are putting out their first runners and just about at the top of the 7ft trellis. they are beautiful healthy looking plants but i noticed something very peculiar today. there are few leaves that have wilted. they almost look like they are wilted from not watering but the soil is moist. and it's not all the leaves on one plant, it's just one or two every few plants. There may be 15 good leaves on the plant and only 1 has wilted. i dont see any bugs, or signs of virus...any ideas? when the runners start wrapping around the twine and their neighboring plants, can they "cut off the circulation" of some leaves??? i have limas planted right next to them and there are no problem leaves on those plants. i've never seen this before. any help is appreciated. thanks in advance my fellow gardening addicts!

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Cold and wet weather could do this. So could bugs chewing on the occasional stem. Other than that, I would suspect something is nibbling on the roots.

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