Rabbit Damage- New Idea

lesmcMay 2, 2009

I posted this on Rose Forum, but also wanted thought from my lily friends. My mother said her grandmother would put an egg in her garden near plants that rabbits loved.I tried this and guess what? NO DAMAGE!! I have terrible rabbit problems. I spray my lilies and I cage some to keep the rabbits from destroying all my hard work. Could the egg really keep rabbits away? Or, is this just a fluke? Please let me know your thoughts on this. My heart breaks when I see a new lily shoot munched down as I`m sure yours does too. Thanks, Lesley

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A whole egg? Or smooshed egg?

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I just layed a whole egg in the garden close to several lilies. The white egg really shows up. I had not sprayed or caged these lilies and they are untouched while others are chewed. I don`t understand this and it might be a fluke! I will let ev eryone know if the rabbits chew these lilies, but so far, no.

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i will try this out next spring when my crocus come up. rabbits would rather eat those then my lilies

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