Too much inoculant???

lilionMay 12, 2011

If this becomes a duplicate post, I apologize, but I know I posted yesterday and can't find it at all.

I have planted my pole beans in the same place for several years now. I have a fixed trellis and it's the only place. So I thought this year I should use some inoculant. I bought a little bag of granulated inoculant and used it as directed, just sprinkling it over the seeds, but I was heavy-handed. Before I knew it I'd used most of the package that was meant for a 40 foot row in about 8 feet. It's the same color as the soil, so I couldn't scoop it out. So I went ahead and planted.

My question is, will my beans: 1) Die, or 2) Be fine, or 3) become giant mutant stalks I can climb on like Jack.

Thanks in advance for any answers!


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Hey Alys,

I don't think it will hurt your beans at all. Innoculant is intended for use in areas that have never had legumes (if I understand this - not a wizard on the biology of beans). I can't imagine that you've done anything worse than waste the $$$ on the inoculant.

I vote for "Be fine".


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Thanks! I'm glad they'll be okay.

Although I was kinda hoping for that stalk to climb.

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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

Yes, just wasted money.

But if you do get a giant beanstalk, ***BE SURE*** to let us know! That would be fun! Just don't forget to put some red flashing LED lights on it so it doesn't become a danger to passing aircraft.

Tip: you don't need much inoculant because it multiples in the nodules, so next time swish your seed beans with a little whole milk to wet them down and pour out the excess milk, then mix the inoculant with the milk-dampened seeds. The fat in the milk helps the inoculant stick to the seeds better than water, and doing it this way makes the inoculant go farther.


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