how many millions of named TB hybrids are there??

carolsun(z9 northbay)August 10, 2009

While at a farmer's market this last weekend, I bought a grocery bag of mixed rhizomes for $10 from Monterey Bay Iris Society. I alphabetized them, wrote down all names and color descriptions (from marker notes on stems), then when I got home I tried to find images of each online. After going through 6 large nursery galleries of photos, I was able to find half of them. I know some of the fun of growing irises is creating new hybrids, but how many are there? Why do some that look almost exactly alike have different names? Can anyone register a "new" hybrid?

Separate query: what are your favorite color combinations? I had purples/red/violets in front beds, apricots/tans/yellows in back. Now I have so many new colors, I'm going to be mixing displays. Advice? Supreme Sultan and Battle Royal used to have their own bed because I couldn't find something that complemented their gold/maroon blooms; now I need to use their space too.

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there are approximately 55,000+ registered iris hybrids on the AIS checklists, but many of these are lost/no longer in cultivation. The number of iris varieties readily available as of 2009 is probably closer to 10,000.
There really is no set rule as far as color combinations go. It is all up to you. In my iris beds I personally clash the colors to accentuate light/dark, flashy/subtle, but then again, with the thousands of plants that I own, it's not hard to do this. Iris are a favorite with groupings of other perennials with similar cultural requirements.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Lucky you! Maybe you have some of Joe Ghio's hybrids.

Why do so many look alike .............. well, if you're hybriding in the south using similar lines as the person out west, you may come out with close approximations. Then the following year/s you have another look-alike but this one has one more bud than the other, or a little more ruffle, or better substance. And on and on.

It's amazing the perseverance hybrizers have. Not to see your creation for maybe 2-3 years! I wouldn't throw away a darn one.

As far as I know no one is prevented from registering a new iris. The American Iris Society site may have information on the process.

As to color combos with your new ones ~~ good luck! I find it helpful during bloom to tape a blossom to a bamboo stake and try it in different areas. Lillian Lee didn't look any good til she was next to Thornbird who didn't look any good with anybody else. Then there was the yellow that didn't look at home anywhere --- gave it away.

I still try to keep orchids, "blues", bluey pinks together - my restful pastel area. The hot colors elsewhere. Then what to do with bi-colors? Creamy white? I've been saving pics of gardens of what works and what doesn't. And used to keep calendars of who blooms when. Take lots of pics. And keeps notes at bloom time for future relocation.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Oh, carolsun, if you figure out a good system for color please post it.

I got so frustrated with my hideous color combinations a year ago that I dug out everything in the blue or purple range. I decided the entire garden would be hot colors and I would never have to worry about planting blue next to orange again (for some unknown reason I hate blue and orange together).

It didn't work. The garden had no "pop" this year. I missed my purple and white plicatas so much I went to my mom's and divided hers and replanted them in the same spot.

I tried irisgal's technique when I planted my new irises last week. I taped the photo of the iris to a metal stake and moved them all over the garden. I had a few that just did not work anywhere. I planted them anyway. We'll see what happens next year. I remind myself that I can always cut the blooms and bring them indoors if I don't like them where I planted them.


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Good places to find photos of lots of iris are
Dave's Garden and Blue J Iris

Here is a link that might be useful: dave's garden

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carolsun(z9 northbay)

Thank you for the good advice. Yes, Irisgal, I am lucky and yes, I do have some Joe Ghio hybrids. All 44 are now planted, sort of in drifts of colors that blend to another color. This is provisional. I will tape blossoms to stake and move this through the garden if anything is really jarring. After 4 years of decreasing bloom, I will be so happy if most of these flower; I'm avoiding garden spots that used to be sunny enough, now aren't.

I think irisarians (cool word) are artists and scientists, and you're right about their patience. It's all I can do to wait the 48-50 weeks for my 2-4 weeks of irises each year, have no patience for biennials.

Here's a photo of each TB (and a couple of roses) that bloomed in 2005, on the kitchen counter for color scheming purposes.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Do you know the name of that big vivid purplish one with the orange beard?

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Yum. I'm interested in the lg. pink-rose beside it on the counter.

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carolsun(z9 northbay)

Renee, my notes tell me it's Dusky Jewel. I never quite believed my ID on it because it's anything but dusky. It's brilliant, lovely. Any confirmation possible from someone?

Irisgal the roses are Don Juan (reddish) and Intrigue (violet) in the green container and back in the right corner, my favorite, Hot Cocoa.

Irises, left to right, back rows to front, I think they are Lady Friend, Secret Melody, Double Agent; Dusky Jewel, Rogue, Capatonic; Great Gatsby (or not, came as freebie), Supreme Sultan, Battle Royale, Pedigree (livid yellow orange); Almaden, Cinnamon Sun (my favorite, with the creamy white std.) and a bloom from a variegated iris I grow mainly for the foliage.

You have me out in the garden checking markings on my newly planted ones to find all the Ghios! So far I've only found one, Designer Label.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I love the color of Intrigue. I've never had a rose that kept its bud so well and then went kaput as soon as it fully opened.

Sorry about the mix-up ~~ it was Rogue (another Ghio!) I was after. I think it would be better than Entourage in my color scheme. Dusky Jewel matches the pic I have --- 2 more I really need. They look well together.

Gatsby freebie is something else.

I love those cream/white over apricot/peach/orange combos.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

Designer Label is a wonderful iris. It ends up on many of my lists.
I've added Dusky Jewel to one of those lists.

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carlos42180(Z5 Chicago)


I'm the exact opposite. I hate hot colors, but when it comes to Iris, it's all for grabs. I my backyard, I plant Iris by hybridizer and by intro year, so it's all a nice mix.

However, once my Iris wave goodbye. Everything else, at least I try, falls under white, cream, lilac, blue and purple. I used to like pink with it, but this year, I don't like it, especially with my pink daylilies.


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