Oriental Lilies Yellowing of top leaves & slow growth

bradkingMay 24, 2010

I planted some clemintine sized orientals and asiatics three years ago in a self prepared raised bed.. The soil here is mostly grey & white clay (builder left very little top soil).I amended with purchased trucks loads of top soil, leaves and lots of compost. The Asiatics do very well, but the Orientals do not seem to grow well. After three years and lots of fertilizer Ther are many new Asisatic bulbs but the Oriental's are growing very slow and some last the season and some make it to mid May then the leaves start to turn Yellow, most never bud and last year most Browned in July but they have all come back this year. Now they seem to be turniing yellow again?! It seems I need to water every three days becasue of a maple that gows 10-feet away from the bed, it has worked its roots into the raised bed. That tree has spread a carpet across the top three inches of soil as well as larger roots below. I beleive the tree is doing its best to choke out all my bulbs, over 150 tulips did not come up this year save a few that only threw a single leaf. As much as I water the soil remains mostly dry. I dug up all the Lily bulbs, put them in 2-gallon pots with amended soil so that I could remove the maple and all it roots. What is your advice on how to revive my oriental lilies, how do I get them green again and how do i help the bulbs grow lager?

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Some Orientals just decline no matter what you do. Asiatics and Orienpets are much better in our zone.

Generally, tulips are not perennials (unless you have Darwin hybrids, species or some Triump or Emperor ones).
Maples are notorious for killing other plants.
I only manage to grow some very dry shade tolerant plants under my Maple - Epimediums, some Geraniums, Lamium.

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What can I do to help my Oriental Lily? The leaves turn yellow every year before they bloom, this has happened for three years. They either do not bloom or have week stems, the yellowing starts with the top most leaves (NOT the Bottom?. I beleive this is due to a Maple located about 10-feet away from my raised bed, it keeps choking out all my bulbs and I keep chopping off it roots. The tree does not block the morning or afternoon sun but it leaves the soil dry even if I water everyday?? I have transplanted all my bulbs to pots in a mic of purchased potting soil and well composted bed soil. What can I add to this to keep the bulbs especially the oriental lilys and make them strong?

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I don't know much about maples except that I hate them. I have a oak tree that sends its roots into my lily bed and last summer I took out a couple of big roots. However, I have clay soil which is slightly acidic and I have never amended the soil. My lilies couldn't be happier. I would suggest you have a soil test done. But I suspect that the maple roots are your problem. You can go gangbuster and try to remove as many roots you can or move your lilies to another location.

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