Growth of Trumpet Lily from seed has stalled - PICS

houstworksMay 23, 2010

What do I do now?

What temperature should they be in?

These are outside in the sun.

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I'm not sure what the problem is here. They certainly look healthy enough at the moment.

From the careful positioning of the cotyledons in the first picture I'd guess that there are only a few seeds per pot, so I assume that you're not disappointed with the germination percentage.

Were you expecting faster appearance of the first true leaves? There's usually a few weeks delay before this happens, whilst the seedling builds up a little strength.

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Yes, I only put in a few seeds per pot.
I wonder if the true leaves will appear soon?

Do they like shade or sun at this point?
Also, how much water do they like?

Thanks for your help!

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You can feed them with a little dilute general purpose fertiliser to speed up growth (try half-strength and twice as long between applications as recommended), but I'd expect to see more leaves after about 4/6 weeks.

Give them as much light as you can without baking them. Extremes of temperature and over-watering/drought are what you need to avoid most, since you need to keep them growing for as long as possible. Next time try to use larger pots or even a styrofoam box, to increase the soil volume and make it easier to keep soil conditions stable. Your potting mix looks as if it will drain well, though vermiculite does tend to disintegrate faster than something like perlite over time - aim to keep it moist but not wet if that makes any sense.

At the end of the season I'd pot them up to something larger (deeper). Keeping them in shallow pots will run the risk that the bulbs pull themselves down into the bottom of the pot which is usually a little wetter (perched water table) and runs the risk of basal rot appearing.

Good Luck

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I forgot to respond.

I may have been baking them.
The deck is very hot especially in the 90 degree heat that we've had. I moved them to be a little more protected while still getting some sun.

I believe it wasn't vermiculite.
Although I'm not sure. I don't know why if it's perlite that it looks dirty.

I will transfer them to the yard soon.
If I want to keep one in a pot I will go into a bigger container like you said.

So perlite is longer lasting? That's good to know.

So I will just wait and give them a little more time!
Thanks for the help!

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