Trouble with double lamp

norbizzle2012March 13, 2010

I bought a double t12 bulb lamp and i could only afford one bulb at the time so i was wondering if the lamp will completely work with 1 bulb. When i connected the single bulb in one socket it seemed very dim and when i connected it to the other socket it glowed orange at the ends. It needs a 20 watt bulb but im sure its supposed to be bright enough. Does it need the other bulb to work properly? plz help

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Some light fixtures require all bulbs to be good and installed to work properly, evidently yours is one of them.

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Each bulb is supposed to be 20W at 720 lumens is this enough for growing my seedlings. Also i bought GE Plant bulbs so i dont know if it is supposed to be less bright than normal?

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IME, only while the seedlings are very, very small.


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