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captainfreedomMay 1, 2009

Warning! Stay away from this company. I lost $70.00 as my bulbs were never shipped and my emails never returned.

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Same here. They did reply to my first email. They said that the order will be ready by April 17th. I have no idea what "will be ready" means, but I still did not receive it. They did not reply to my second email; their phone is not working. Their Lilies' selection is amazing; the prices were good. I decided to give them a try. I will not get my order by the end of the next week, I will open a PayPal dispute to get my money back.

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File fast! Paypal will only honor a dispute request within 45 days of ordering. I ordered in Feb., so I'm out of luck. They opened a ebay store, flowerbulbsandperennials, and are getting a lot of negative feedback. I should have known that there prices and selection were too good to be true.

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Oh my... I did ordered a long time ago... I wonder if I can stop the credit card (the one that is attached to my PayPal account) transaction. I just read their shipping policy. They start shipping to zone 6 on April 20th. Maybe, it is not over yet?

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Despite contrary reports, their website (Happy Holler) is NOT closed and remains operational and still accepts orders. So buyers beware! BUT, their eBay store (1001 Flower Bulbs & Perennials) now got ZERO items for sale. Probably eBay took their items off for sale or got penalized because their ratings are dropping faster than the waters falling off the Niagara Falls within the last few weeks.

I purchased $40 or so worth of canna and lily bulbs April 17th on eBay and they had as close to, if not, a 100% positive rating. Back then I didn't know they were the same people as Happy Holler Gardens. As what I said, the last few weeks they just got bombarded with negative feedback. Mostly about products not received. From almost 100% positive, then down to 90%, and I just checked, now they're down to 88%.

I have not received my bulbs yet, but for now I remain neutral because stupid me did not read the 'fine and very light gray print' that says shipping will take 17-18 business days USPS Priority Mail (that usually only takes 3 max days). Also in their eBay policy they said PayPal holds their money for 21 days before they get it and they require to have the money to ship the items. Why punish your customers for a long shipping time? That is just bad business.

In their Happy Holler website they claim to grow their own products, yet in their eBay store they admitted to have the same supplier as Brecks and American Meadows or something. How come that was never mentioned in their Happy Holler website. Also I'm suspecting they don't have the products on inventory and they just try to get as many orders and then buy them in bulk from their supplier. In their own words:
"Also, please understand that when a buyer orders one of an item, we have to purchase an entire case and pay shipping costs to the supplier."
So why offer a product(s) for sale when you don't have them. And if their supplier is out of stock they just keep their customers in the dark. Poor communications. I think these people were getting too ambitious with no idea on how to run a business. Started out as a flea market business and trying to make it big out there in the mail-order or eBay business. Yet not realizing, customers trust is what makes a business grow.

I'll give them another week, and after that I might as well just file dispute with PayPal as what everybody else is doing. I lost my job for a few months now, and whatever little money I have exta, I spent it on gardening to keep me both physically and mentally busy. So here's hoping they will send me my bulbs.

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I am also trying to be neutral. It is not easy because:
1. They did not reply to my emails.
2. They removed their phone # from the web site. It did not work anyway...
3. Even their positive feedback on Ebay sounds like "the seller is honest because I got my money back".
4. I paid a long time ago, so that "fine print" statement should not work for my order.

I called PayPal last week. I explained that my payment was for the seasonal order, so I could not complain earlier. Their representative told me that I can open the dispute even if it has been more than 45 days since payment. The bad news - it will take very long time for PayPal to resolve the issue because there is a long line of claims.

Tex68, sorry that you lost your job... Gardening does help. I too hope that they will send the bulbs I ordered (at least, the varieties they have in stock).

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OK, here is an update on this issue. I found a couple of other email addresses and a phone number on HHG PayPal account. The phone # is not working. I tried to submit a claim through PayPal resolution center - this did not work. I called PayPal customer service. The representative said that I cannot open the dispute, but they will try to contact seller. They also gave me this information:

Thank you for contacting PayPal.

We appreciate your concern about the activity on your account. While the
vast majority of online transactions are completed without complication,
fraudulent activity can occur. If you feel you have become a victim of
Internet Fraud, there is help available.

Below are options that can be used outside of PayPal.

  1. File an internet complaint report against the other party.
    o National Fraud Information Center
    o Internet Crime Complaint Center
    o Better Business Bureau Online

  2. File a police report against the other party.

Thank you for using PayPal for your online payment needs.

Captainfreedom, if you read this post, how about reporting to all these sites about this scam company? I am going to wait one more week and do so.
Tex68, this is a little easier for you - you can just open a dispute on PayPal.

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Thanks. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, though I have yet to hear anything. Ultimately, I am just bummed because I was so looking forward to getting those beautiful oriental bulbs. Ahhh, sigh.

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Me too... I really hoped that this is not another scam company. Will fill out complaints with the all mentioned above sites if I will not get my order by Monday.

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OK, I filled out two complaints: at www.fraud.org and at www.ic3.gov.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

IF you funded your PayPal payments with a credit or debit card and it is past the 45 day deadline call your bank and file a chargeback.

I have never heard of PayPal allowing a claim past the deadline.

Banks often allow up to six months.

Filing consumer complaints won't result in a refund of your money but may get the seller shut down.

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You are right BorS! I reported to my credit card company today. They promised to investigate the case and return my money.
I do think that shutting up the scam seller is important as well, so I do not regret about filing those complaints.

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