Overdriving Ballast question.

FLAME747(Z8)March 4, 2005

Ok i know that this questions has been asked many times before, but if someone who has done this before could help me out i would be greatful.

I purchased 4 GE instant start elec ballast i guess the model # is GE-432-MAX-N-IP.

This is for 4-lamps, but would like to use it to overdrive a 2-lamps setup, Does anyone have any pic's on how they connected the wires? Also the label says for commercial use only, not residential - is it safe to use this model?


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Just opened the package, this unit has 1-black, 1-white wire, at the other end 2-blue with 1-yellow, and 2-red with 1-yellow.

no ground wire ??????

All the other pics i've found does not have this wire layout.

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lightmaster(z8 Salem, Ore.)

I had to try to decipher what the ballast looks like......

It should work. I believe it is used for "tandem lights".

Just pair them up like a normal four tube ballast OverDrive:
1. Use the group of 2blue+1yellow for one tube
2. Use the group of 2red+1yellow for the other tube.


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