mav63_2007May 31, 2007

I couldn't find lilly-of-the-valley on the listing but I hope someone can help me. I have this plant under my bedroom window but over the years it has spread right out into my lawn and keeps going, how can I stop it?

Also I have wild tiger lillies that are doing the same thing, they even push up between the concrete foundation of the house and the blacktop of the driveway.I have dug them out several times but they keep coming back. I don't like chemicals because my friend lost a very loved and valuable dog because a neighbor sprayed his lawn, can anyone help?

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

Good luck. LOL Many consider them invasives and you can see why! I have seen what they can do but have also seen them struggle when people who want some try to get them started. Trying to put a barrier there often won't work as the pips will often just tunnel under a brick or edging, etc.

Other than physically digging up each plant or putting in a deep barrier (> 6" deep) around them, I have seen recommendations for literally using boiling water on plants that you want to get rid of. Of course anything nearby might get destroyed too. There is no consensus on whether this will permanently kill the roots so it they might resprout later, but it's supposedly a good way to clear sidewalk and driveway areas. Others have suggested substances like vinegar or salt. But the former is usually sold in too weak a concentration (for home use) and the latter has its own problems requiring alot of leaching of the soil with water after whatever dies is removed in order to get rid of it.

Otherwise, it seems Round-up keeps getting recommended to try. If you are careful with it (and it's not made to be sprayed across large areas like grass) and squirt or dab only the individual plants, then you can get it under control, but even then, it's not guaranteed either and may take several applications per plant.

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Thank you for your reply, I will try a few of your suggestions and see what happens. I like them under my bedroom window because the smell is wonderful (I inherited them with the house)but they just take over.
Thank you again.

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Hi I couldn't access your email to send you this privately. I have been trying without success to find Lily of the valley seeds in my area. No luck. Same with tiger lilies. Would you consider giving up some seeds??? PLMK. Thank you!!

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If I can get any seeds I will send them to you or I could send you some rooted plants. I will look at them when I get home tonight and see how I can get seeds and let you know.Just know that once you have them they spead and you cannot stop them.
Mavis, e-mail -

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Don't lilies of the valley grow from little bulbs? I think the squirrels are moving mine around. They also generously plant the crocus bulbs from my neighbor's garden in my yard.

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I am prepared to deal with the lily of the valleys running amok. I just love them. : )

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If you want me to send you lily of the valley try my e-mail again.

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I believe lily of the valley have rhizones.....roots that spread horizontally. Barriers don't always work as in my case. Just keep pulling and pull aggressively! Lois

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Hi Marcy,
I also have a lot of Lily of the Valley to thin out. If you would like any, I can send you a boxful for postage. PLMK. I have sent plants to GW friends all over the country. :-)

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This is why it is best to plant them in pots. They are VERY invasive. Sometimes if the soil is really wet, you can pull them right out, but if any part of a little pip is left behind, you can have a LOV invasion all over again. If you put black plastic over them for a few weeks, they could get cooked. It might be worth a try, unless they are in deep shade.


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I find they spread, but slowly. A trench boarder seems to slow them down. I like them, they will grow in total shade, like under a evergreen; looks better than wood chips. They are easy to dig up and transplant, that what I do to control the creeping edge. If you want them to grow less vigorously, don't use compost or mulch. Very few weeds grow in a healthy lily patch. Tiger lilies behave similarly, except they will let some weeds grow. I intermixed them with ferns, no weed issues. If you ignore either of these plants for years, they will spread, but no match for my Toro.
I have bamboo from next door, now that's invasive! A trick for growing bamboo is to use a plastic garbage can sunk deep into the ground, one could use this technique for these lilies, but wouldn't have to go so deep (way too much work for me, though).

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I love lily of the valley too but we have too much of it. And it is incredibly well-established (20+ years under its belt?) The previous owners of the house were not diligent about thinning it out. Now it is so thick that once it is done blooming it gets yellow, spotty and rotty! (If it stayed green I would not mind.)Anyhow, I tried pulling and digging it up but it the roots are like cement. I cannot get through them! Do you recommend I borrow a tiller to chop them up?
If I can actually thin them out I think the spotty thing would go away, right?

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Figure this one out. I tried for 50 years to get my Lily-of- valley to spread. No way. After all that time they are now moving from north of my house to West where I don't want them. I never thought thme invasive. Fifty years go figure.

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