Has anyone here grown Groundnut?

wild_foragerMay 27, 2008

Has anyone here grown groundut? It's a native american legume that has edible tubers and peas. I'm growing it this year, but from what I can tell I may be one of only a handful of people doing so. It's not easy to come by the seeds or tubers for purchase, unless you know where to look for the wild ones in the woods.

If anyone here is growing them I'd love to hear some tips or advice.

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jimster(z7a MA)

wild forager,

As a forager myself and a long time fan of Euell Gibbons, I have known about groundnuts, but never have seen any or gone stalking them. It's interesting and, now that you have brought my attention to groundnuts once again, I may give them a try.

For those who are curious, the link below will provide an introduction.


Here is a link that might be useful: Groundnut

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Good to hear from a fellow forager! I have never been able to find them personally either. I'll try harder this year. But I was able to buy a cultiavated version from Edible Landscaping. There are a few stages of cultivation, most of which arne't available. I haven't heard anything recently about how the progress is going but the variety I have is supposed to make huge tubers. I really hope they succeed on this one. Native veggies are never a bad idea, especially when you get two edible protions (the tubers and the peas).

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Groundnut and Apios Americana is one and the same as we can see from the link provided by Jim.
Here is the pic. of apios Americana from my garden.

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usafarmer(z5 MA)

Yes, I've known groundnut since 1968, when I was a kid, family moved into house, yard was covered with them. Some are still here; I'm interested in its potential, I'm growing some this year. If sucessful, I will want to obtain the improved types for larger roots. A powerful plant. I had not heard of the seeds being edible, only the root. I would doubt the seeds are a significant source of food.

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Contact www.ediblelandscaping.com for groundnuts.I have seen a nice pic. of groundnuts in their cataloge.

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Hello All,
I have ordered ground nut tubers to plant in my garden, which is beside a creek. I am hoping that they do well, but I have one problem, MOLES! I have tilled up the spot where I am going to plant the tubers and they love to forage through newly turned ground searching for grubs and other insects. At least that is what I've heard. I found a tunnel leading to and from my sage plant which is also a perrenial, but haven't seen any damage to my sage (yet). I also heard that moles do not eat plants but can destroy their root system by the burrowing that is done in search of food. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on this? Will the moles eat my tubers?


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Third year with one of the 'improved' strains.
For size, it is improved.
For vigor, it it weak. Still worth growing, but the cultivated variety needs improving. It was supposedly released out of Louisiana, its definitely hardy, but also definitely slow growing, takes all of a northern season to grow to 9' tall. I believe crossing could lead to a real improvement. I do not know who is going to have the organization/season length to make these crosses. I am getting flowers on the LA strain but season may not be long enough to set seed.

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neen_5mi(z5 MI)

I found this plant growing wild on my property 10 years ago. I finally transplanted some tubers to an ornamental bed in 2011, and they've done well. I didn't see blossoms on the original colony or the transplants this year, but attributed that to the drought. I'll harvest if I see signs of increasing numbers of plants in the "managed" bed.


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Have not tried them yet.
I have had wild blackberries, wild black cherries,wild lowbush blueberries,Black Walnuts, crab apples, Dandelions,
Red sumac tea, wild garlic, fox grapes,Hawthorn apples. Jerusalem Artichokes & Paw Paw, Hickory nuts, in my garden.
I will have to them, maybe with the sunchokes & butter.

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chervil2(z5 MA)

I puchased two tubers from Oikos Tree Crops and planted one in a swampy area in mid October. I am storing the second one in the refrigerator for planting in early spring. The tubers that I received are small and from my reading, I am predicting that if both grow, then I can have a small harvest in 2014 at the earliest. I will be patient. I have seen this plant in the wild, but I never knew I could eat it. The flowers are stunning and have a distinct odor.

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