light turning off constantly

tabbycat123March 11, 2008

We have a Future Brite Ballast Grow light 600Watts that keeps shutting off after about 15 mins in use it does however turn back on after another 10 Mins ... Not sure if this is a safety feature or a defect ... Please help :)

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rosemallow(z7 Md)

You have a thermo problem. Sometimes, the lamp will do this also if it has many hours on it.
Here's what I would do:
Let the lamp cool down. Remove the electric. Remove the bulb. Look on the base of the lamp to see if it had a poor connection. You can tell a poor connection by the solder looking splattered or greenish/black. Look at the socket for any black/blue tracking.
Get back to me with your findings. Also old lamps will do this.

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thanks for your response. i removed the bulb and looked in the socket and didnt see any splattering or discoloring. it looked very new actually. is there any where else i can check to see if this is the problem?? thank you for your help.

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(Lermer) "Future Brite" is not the best e-ballast; Life Light is. Probably there is a thermal switch in the ballast that turns it off if too hot; this switch (or something else) might be faulty.

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rosemallow(z7 Md)

I install more HP lamps in my business than ballasts for lighting. 95% lamps installed as to 5% ballasts for HP.
Because of the base up for lamps the socket takes a beating.
You did not say how old tha lamp was.
I am not sure about what ballast is better or worse.
I don't want to make you spend money, but I would change the lamp first.

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thank you again for your help. i talked with future brite and through trouble shooting and your help we have decided it is the lamp that is faulty. so i need a new one.

being new to growing with lights what do you reccomend. i have a 600 watt ballast. the guy from future brite told me not to exceed 120volts. i am growing a variety of vegetables. tomato, lettuce, peppers, herbs and some flowers. can you help me decide which lamp is right for my needs before i drop a lot of money on one. the one i was using before was a hortilux super hps. thank you!

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