Citrus lights

SoulfireMarch 27, 2013

I am new to all of this, so I apologize in advance.

I have 4 trees (Minneola Tangelo, Meyer Lemon, Owari Satsuma, Clementine De Nules).

Next winter I am thinking of trying the following set-up, as I do not have a bright south-facing window:
Moving my Trees into my unfinished (but dry and only 10 years old) basement. I am thinking of putting tinfoil on cardboard and setting them up behind the trees, to reflect light. Then I will set up a light(s) of some sort.

So first of all, do you all think these would be good conditions for my trees to grow in the winter?

Secondly, specifically what kind of light should I buy? I have searched the internet and I see references to regular fluorescent bulbs, 40W bulbs, specialized grow lights, "red" and "blue" lights etc. What would be the specific light bulbs I should buy?

Thank you all in advance, I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of the information I'm seeing and now really sure which is correct for dwarf citrus trees.

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You can grow other varieties of fruits indoors as well as citrus. These trees like to be fed and using the proper formula will yield delicious fruits. The key ingredient in fertilizer for indoor citrus trees zinc, iron and magnesium. You can add these to your compost or buy a prepared fertilizer with these in the mix.

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