what's wrong with my beans?

kterlep(5/6)May 15, 2007

I have kentucky wonder and some "asparagus yardlong beans". Both of them appear to be being nibbled by something...they have small holes in their leaves, and one of them, I think, is missing the true leaves, only the beany cotelyons are there.

What's wrong with them? What can I do? I haven't noticed any pests. Should I just replant? How many pole bean plants does it take to produce a decent "harvest"?

What's this innoculant y'all keep talking about?

Thank you!

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The plant with only cotelyons will die. But small holes in the leaves of the others probably won't cause much trouble unless the pest eats them faster than they grow. There are many pests which nibble on beans.

I have never used inoculent. Perhaps it might help for a larger harvest, but I've never used it and generally get a very good harvest.

It's hard to define "decent harvest." The question is how many people do you wish to feed, how often and do you want to can or freeze beans besides fresh eating?

Say you have a family of four and you only want fresh eating. I suspect you could get by with three tripods of the beans you mention in your post. That might be, say... 30 plants. I am feeding a family of 4 (and sometimes five, when my son is home from college). We like to eat a lot of fresh green beans as well as can and freeze for the winter months. I also produce my own seed of several varieties of bean. Presently I have about 40 feet of trellis planted in pole beans as well as a couple of tripods. The beans are planted about one every 5 inches.

Tahlequah, OK

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Thanks - I have a family of four, although I would love to can or freeze,or give to friends. I have about 15 feet of chain link fence planted - this is my first garden in 10 years and I'm going through a learning phase.

It looks like the "buffet" is winding down - I did go plant 2 more packs of kentucky wonder...

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