How to tame Lily of Valley

pickindaisiesMay 15, 2013

not sure if this should be under groundcover forum instead, but here goes. . . . I have Lily of the Valley. Never thought much of it until BOOM it started going nuts. Now it is encroaching upon everything else! I think it has all but killed an ornamental grass plant of mine, and now I'm starting to worry about my rhodedenron although so far it doesn't seem to be affected. Last year I ripped out tons of it around the grass plant quite a bit, but noticing a few sprouts of it again. I like the plant but not this much! how to keep it in check other than continuing to rip parts of it out over and over.

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Although in the family, not really a lily at all but a rhizomatous perennial. Yes, it can have a very aggressive nature although as many folks complain about the difficulty in getting it established as do those who have it spread too vigorously. Drier, sunnier locations will slow or limit its spread but it is not impossible to dig out where not wanted either.

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I would dig it out whenever you see it pop up; make sure to sift through to get all the root pieces. It is a thug in my garden and I'm actively getting rid of it.

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to restrict it, put in a barrier, like you would with mint.

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