3Tube T8 SIMKAR non-overdrive Fixtures

jedijfo(Z5 NE)March 14, 2005

I bought 2 Simkar Fixtures at Lowes. They are on their website here:


They use 3 32w T8 tubes and almost exactly cover the width of a standard seed flat. The fixtue is low profile and the have electronic ballast. They are not good candidates for overdriving, because the ballasts are built into the connectors. I am using 1 4100K and 2 6500K bulbs, each about 3000 lumems for a total of about 9000 lumens. The fixturea are about $32 each. Anyone else tried these?


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jkirk3279(Z5 SW MI)

$ 32 !!!!

Home Depot has decent SL-15 based fixtures for sale for less than $ 5.00

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

The SIMKAR fixtures include a nice parabolic reflector and a lens. Not sure I would use the lens for growing plants, it will probably block light but I haven't tried it. They don't just do three-bulb fittings. Useful if you want to grow a small number of taller plants, since you can position the lamp away from the plants and still light them properly. For growing seeds, I'd just get two-bulb shop-lights, use 40W bulbs, and put them close to the seedlings. Much cheaper.

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