when do tiger lily bulbs bloom?

mchad21May 6, 2008

Planted a bunch of these a couple months ago. No sprouts, nothing. Wondering if this is normal. I've got them in a part sun area.



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This photo was taken July 17, 2006 (could depend on zone) if that is any help. It is probably a little too early, but the leafy part should be showing by now I would think. They aren't mine but were growing on a vacant lot. I asked if I could have some, the owner said yes, I said I wanted to wait until fall, and I drove by and they had all been sprayed. There was also a beautiful double ditch lily growing there, too.

There are signs at least these are coming back, but I'll just buy some or get some from someone else; they are common enough, beautiful though.

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thanks. Mine aren't showing anything at the moment, so we'll see. If nothing this year, I'm sure they will bloom even more next year.


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I'm no expert, but I think sometimes they can be slow. They may be busy forming roots first. Our zones are so different, I don't know if or how that might factor in.

If yours fail, try again. They're really tough and spread once they get established. They grow wild here, those and what we call ditch lilies. I like the tiger lilies better.

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