Is this normal growth for Asiatic Lily?

gardenper(8)May 12, 2014

At least, I think it is Asiatic Lily and not Oriental lily.

It did this last year also, but I thought it was because it is in some premature state. This year, it is doing it again, but just bigger! It's not a stalk with leaves the way the asiatic lily usually looks, but just looks like it is low-growing and remains that way.

Is it possible to be some nutrient deficiency in this spot or maybe I have buried it too deeply?

All the lilies in this section here are growing the same way. The nearby daffodils had no kind of growth problems. They came up and bloomed just fine.

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Pic of another lily, right next to the original, with the similar growing pattern. Forgot to mention that my lilies in other areas, including container, are growing just fine. So I cannot say it could be caused by the general climate around the area, including something like not getting enough watering.

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was it planted upside down perhaps? it doesn't look specifically like mosaic virus.

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What kind of lily is it? It dosen't look like my asiatics.

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This doesn't look like any type of lily that I am familiar with. This sort of looks like Liriope.

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I don't know the variety of Asiatic lily but I did plant some lilies there, and they are the only things that have come up in 2 years in that spot. I also agree that it doesn't look like any Asiatic lily I've seen before (or grew before), but it's interesting that all along that row of the garden is where I planted some lily bulbs, and they all seem to be growing the same, which lead me to consider that there might be some deficiency there.

I could say that I'm 99% sure I planted them the right way up but since they aren't growing into something I recognize, it's entirely possible something with wrong with the planting.

I do have liriope growing around my house also, but the variety I have is not like this.

I'll try to add a pic of the liriope around the house, as well as something that will help show the scale of these current plants that I think are lilies.

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It looks like a surprise lily...... lycoris....

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I;d guess allium

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Possibly agapanthus.

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Perhaps you may try to dig it to see if the bulb has also changed its shape?? If it so then it is no longer Asiatic lily but some other species which might have done by the chipmunks!!

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Yes enough time passed that the leaves are dying back (which actually is not what I other similar lilies are still in active growing stage with flower buds or making the seed pods) so I will dig them up. At least at this stage, it means the leaf feeding stage is over and I can access the bulb easily.

Though that also means that these may not be the lily varieties I thought they were -- though I really don't remember planting anything else there.

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This is Asiatic lily which I planted last December 2013 and bloom Feb 2014..They are still having green foliage with many babies sprouting in the pot. But the shape looks very strange and looks resemble to your mature lily in the picture..I am not sure if the new generation will bloom if the shape are like that. I am living in a tropical climate and this is my first time planting such lily

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