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somebodygenericMay 6, 2014

I bought a lilium regale bulb that already sprouted. I planted it with the tip sticking out in the dirt, but the sprout seems to be getting less green and more... pinkish on the outside? Is that normal? The sprout hasn't gotten any bigger yet, and it's been four days since I planted them.

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I'm not sure but I think it needs a little more soil on it. I have seen the pinkish color you are referring to and another gardener told me it needed more soil.

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I dug it up, and I'm not entirely sure whether it's alright or not? Some of the scales felt mushy (I'm not sure if this is from rotting, or from rehydrating itself after being in a bin for so long), and there wasn't any root development on the bottom of the bulb, though there were some roots coming out near the base of the sprout. Help?

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the stem stalk turns white/pink as it grows up to the surface. not sure about the root development near the base of the sprout.. make sure it's well planted back in and put the tip just under the dirt. it may have some freeze damage?

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