can this lily be saved?

pkton(z5WI)May 8, 2010

Hi, new to bulb lilies here and was wondering this..... in digging up a mass to split I encountered a long stem that had no bulb ( I guess I broke it off) but it had tons of roots. I planted it and it is growing fine. Will it form a bulb and come back next year or will it die after this year with no bulb? thanks for any help.


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If that was a true lily, the bulb will not form and the stem without a bulb will not live.

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billums_ms_7b(Delta MS 8A)

Some lilies do form bulblets at the base of their stem, however the bulb you accidentally broke the stem off of should send up another stem next spring.

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mine broke off right above the stem amybe 2 inches, will it come back? I just planted them this year. Thank-you

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