PVC Supports, Trellis

jumpinjiveMay 29, 2011

Due to extended wait-time for warm soil this year in Willamette Valley, Im a new gardener who has had a really, really long time to "plan" my first garden but nothing "planted" yet. I am currently looking for help with design for supports for climbing plants (beans, cucs, peas, etc.). I have 1" x 12" PVC supports spaced 2ft apart along each side of raised beds for 1/2" PVC hoops. Since the hoops will not be used once the warm weather stays, I am planning to use same supports for sides of trellis. I added elbows for top/cross bar and was going to drop mesh or twine from top/crossbar. Seems pretty sturdy (I haven't figured out how to submit a photo here). Will this work? Does mesh or twine need to be anchored at bottom? Anyone have any other ideas - if so, please post ideas with photos, if possible.

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Can you put a link to a picture?

I read you as saying your height is only a foot tall?

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The trellis thread is on the front page. Would hope the OP would have discovered it by now.

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