Pathetic Blue Lake Bush Bean Plant

wadebuggMay 3, 2011

I have had all kinds of problems with this bean plant lately. It started off in a container garden, but all of the things I had planted in there got too big. It was producing beans very well at the time. When I moved it, I think it got scorched, so I pulled the dead, dry leaves off. Production died back to almost nothing after I moved it. Then, I think some of the leaves mildewed, and I recently cut them off. I probably didn't do it right. The plants looks like a disaster now.

Is there any way to save this thing? Recommendations for the future?

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If it is the bush form, Its done. Beans don't transplant well at any age, but a producing plant is nigh on to impossible. Pole form may recover to some extent, but don't expect much. Bush forms are quick, so you may want to direct seed some.

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