How many peas to plant next year?

dalepresMay 16, 2010

I planted 25 feet of Alaska peas this season in our Oklahoma garden. We're not getting more than a handful of pods ripe at the same time so we never get enough for a meal for just the two of us.

This year, we're just experimenting and restoring our long-neglected garden area but next year I'd like to plant enough to get 40 or 50 pints of frozen or canned peas put up.

How many feet are we going to have to plant? Have any of you been successful in planting enough peas to put up all you wanted? If so, how many did you plant and how much did you get put up?


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I typically plant 3 lbs of English peas, which on average shell out about 20 quarts. Space wise that is 4 80 foot rows. Alaska yield fairly well, so a 25 foot row should give you close to a quart per per picking. Alaska's are more everbearing then most so they don't all get ready at the same time, but still either they are producing properly or you picking too soon. I don't know you climate, but here I palnt smooth seeded varieties Alaska and Willet Wonder around Thanksgiving for spring harvest.

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