Sugs for daylilies w/ Casa Blanca lily?

yaypeeMay 10, 2006

I am putting in a new perennial bed that will include Casa Blanca lilies. I would like to include some daylilies that will be in bloom at the same time as the Casa Blanca Lilies. My preference would be for daylilies that rebloom at the same time as the Casa Blancas to extend blooming in that bed. I tend to like pink, red, and purple daylilies the best. Any suggestions? If any of you have Casa Blanca lilies and daylilies together in your garden I'd love to know what you grow (pics appreciated too!)

I'd also appreciate suggestions for perennials that will bloom with the Casa Blancas to make a pretty display.



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Well here are a few of my favorites in the color ranges and blooming times you suggest. These are not my photos because I just got my camera since last blooming season. But I do have most of these lilies and they bloom reliably, some like Cranberry Cove, bloom most of the summer.

Cranberry Cove

Royal Eventide (and a double to boot)

Mask of Time

Bankok Belle

Some perennials if you'd like to stay in the same color range would be:

Penstemon (come in all three colors you specified, blooms late)
Scabiosa (comes in lavender and pink and blooms all season)
Achillea "Paprika" (bright red and mid-season bloomer)
Verbascum (comes in all three colors, mid-season bloomer)
Butterfly bush (comes in all three colors, late bloomer)
Coreopsis "Lime Rock Ruby" (red variety, mid-season)

Here is a link that might be useful: For some nice daylilies

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Thank you very much for your reply and the pictures. I will look into these daylilies. I am new to daylilies and quickly became OVERWHELMED with the sheer numbers of beautiful daylily varieties with different colors, bloomtimes, etc.
I also appreciate the info on the other perennials.

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