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sonnypippoMarch 24, 2005
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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

That'd be nice wouldn't it :) A mirror on the roof sending sunlight down to fibro-optic fittings. Then you could arrange the fibres any way you wanted indoors!

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jkirk3279(Z5 SW MI)

Those clever Japanese folks have been experimenting with this stuff for over then years anyway.

Very cool.

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gordonhawk(7/ NYC)

OH .. Poohey...
The cleaver Japanese.. Well I'm here to tell you .. I as an american have done similar things with light for my plants... going back to the 60's... I guess that quallifies as predateing this I guess... hardly revoluitionary... boats for centuries have used deck lights.. bits of glass a prisim on top and bottom to gather light fron diffrent directions and shoot to out through another prisim below to light the belowdecks areas... captureing the light .. then bending it be thrown across the area there.. the only thing new is they are tracking the sun.. something solar furnaces have done since the late 50's anyway... like the big solar furnace that was at the armys R+D facility at Natic Mass. they had the sun tracking pannel... bouncing it back to a concave array of mirrors to focus the light ... passing it through a venetian blind arrangement to controal the beam... and then focusing it into a building where test samples were placed.. got real bright there .. and heavy hot as well... buriing a hole right through a 12" test I beam..
Oh no more writting room.. the next post is of my earlly efforts... Gordon

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gordonhawk(7/ NYC)

So.. more now.. Just as an american... The lighting problem I had was little light on the third floor where all of the buildings about were 6 stories .. I hung a 6' x 8' mirror outside the window in back.. at a 45* angle.. the sun hitting the mirror would bounce the light inside and shoot it through the 2500 sq ft of the space I had at the time an undeveloped civil war warehouse area of the city called SOHO.. intence light .. no shadows as the reflected light made it so bright.. like in a plane at 10,000 ft alt.. great for the plants there..of which there were many. like the 10x 8 ft lawn [real grass w/ additional flourescentss] around the bed..which hung from the ceiling over the lawn on chains and lots of other plantings.. planters set into the floors at floor level dirt and the inside mango tree.. the strawberry wall
as far as useage of plastic as fiber optic transmission.. I had a 4 poster bed I did for a lady [ in lou of a neon bed with high voltage ] that had the light in the corners of the posts and shot the light in any color down the posts to the chrome base of the bed and across the plastic top square to the next post..[two sides of the square posts glowed as the light rods mentioned ] and the other two sides of the posts were crystal clear... if you put light in the end of a plastic rod... where the rod is scratched or sanded the light will glow there even though you can't see the light on the clear areas of the rod... nice marketing though by the japanese.. filling a natural need with old technology.. and for only 10 thousand now.. thoes dears...
and "no overheating like with your tropical fish "[ this is is a lyric from an old Firesign Theatere song... guess that was the 60's also....] gee got to get some pictures of these things I did out of the archives... let's see where did I leave the archives...more later ... Gordon
But I'm all for natural lighting... don't get me wrong.. and I love they [ someone ] is trying to bring the light down to us... but they didn't invent moving light.. just marketing it... Gordon

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