Good sources for Mylar?

takadi(7)March 22, 2009

I found this site, but I'm not sure if it's reputable

If it is, is it at a good price? Should I buy the thicker gauge ones? Or should I look somewhere else?

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Did you look at

I have no idea what guage you need. I am working with 2mil Mylar and it is holding up ok, but your own experience may vary.

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agreed I just ordered a 12 pack of mylar blankets; because ordering any less ends up with shipping costing more than the blankets. I just used clear tape over the edges where it could rip.

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Those mylar blankets are available in the sports dept. at any WalMart store.

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Could you use the mylar blankets and just cut them up to fit the size of a plant you want to protect from cold/frosts? Might be good if you could. Also, I'm worried because the mylar that I saw at walmart was full of harmful chemicals or carcinogens, I forgot which ones, but it said some kind of warning on it.

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