Day Lily question

arkiegirlMay 12, 2007

When I lived in Illinois years ago I had several lilies that had the foliage of a Stella D'ora but the foliage was fuller and the flowers taller and much bigger and of various colors. What type of lilies do you think these are?

I purchased lilies here but they grew on one stem and really tall. I am looking for lilies that have bushy type foliage.

Thanks in advance

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I'm a little confused as to which type of plant you are asking about. This forum specializes in the Lilium-the botanical name for lilies. Then there is another whole forum on Gardenweb for hemerocallis, the botanical name for daylilies, if you would like to ask them this question. Stella D'Oro, for example, is a daylily, not a true lily.
Hope this helps! :0) Phyl

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It sounds like you are looking for daylilies. The foliage is larger than Stella according to the variety of the daylily. Daylilies also come in different heights with 36" tall being the tallest I have. Go to the daylily forum & look around I am sure that is where you want to be. Look out though you can't buy just one daylily because so many are so beautiful. One good thing is daylilies are easy to grow & multiply quickly.

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