Calla Lily Help PLEASE

putri.mMay 14, 2010

Hi, I have always wanted to have calla lilies but is not sure how to maintain them. Would they be better of outside or inside, in pots or in the ground? Also, what type of soil and fertilizers should be used??

thanks for helping!

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Despite their name, Calla Lilies are not Lilies and it is a wrong forum to ask questions about them. You can find tons of useful info on 'Aroids' forum.

I am in a similar zone. I grow Callas both in pots and in the ground. You should lift them after the first frost and store inside for the next season. Last year, I planted a couple of Callas next to the house foundation (about 2' from it). I did not dig them up for this winter. They overwintered successfully.
The soil should be extremely well drained. Soggy soil will kill them in no time.
I use Espoma Bulb-tone for fertilizing Callas. Some bone meal at the planting time.
Good luck!

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