Runner beans for hotter climates?

ashita(10a)June 16, 2013

First time to this forum! It looks so interesting.

I live in Tokyo, where we have a hot and humid rainy season in June/July, followed by very hot, in the high nineties sometimes, summer from late July to September, and then about 2 months of very pleasant weather in the seventies till November.

I really really want runner beans! I grew up with them! I have tried Bush runners called Hestia and they are flowering beautifully, but only setting a few pods. I'm sure it's too hot for them, plus there is a noticeable absence of bees in my very small town garden.

Does anyone know a variety of runners that do better in hotter climates, or should I just give up?

BTW, there is a variety of flat beans here in the shops called Morocco. Has anyone heard of this? Google searches have turned up nothing informative. It's paler and smoother than a runner, and not as tasty.


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I feel a little embarrassed! I have just spent the last few HOURS in this forum, and found lots of answers to my questions. Sorry for taking people's time! And what a wonderful forum.

Still,if anyone has a brilliant idea for hot weather runners, please let me know. I found a new variety on Thompson and Morgan called Firestorm, which says it is good in hot weather (although what goes by the name of hot weather in Britain is perhaps not that hot!). There was another variety called Aintree which is apparently OK in the heat. I will try them next year.

As well as my Hestia bush beans (which I have learned from this forum can probably be cut back and will sprout again), I am also growing the variety I mentioned, called Morocco in Japan. It has white flowers and has set quite a few pods already ãÂÂI have searched for its Latin name but at the moment have drawn a blank. The picture is of the seed packet.

When visiting Hokkaido, the northern island, I saw in the market some massive beans that looked just like giant runner bean seeds. I wonder if these are similar to the Wang Kong beans I have just been reading about! I will have to look for them!


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Hello Ashita,

Some have reported that Insuk's Wang Kong is the best runner bean for hot weather. It is mentioned on several GardenWeb threads. Here is a link for one.

I have been to Tokyo twice in April and the weather was very fine. - Dick

Here is a link that might be useful: Insuk's Wang Kong

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

You are at the right forum. If you are lucky and Mr. ZEEDMAN reads your post, you will get good tips. But generally, in USA a lot of runner beans are suitable for hot weather. Then there is a question that what kind of beans you are interested in : Green String OR Shelling beans ?.
The latter meaning that you let the pods get full and the shell them and use the fresh beans like fresh peas.

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I should have come here before I planted!

Yes, Dick, Insuk's Wang Kong sounds very interesting.

seysonn - thanks. I want to eat them green. I have a very small growing space here in Tokyo, and couldn't grow enough to use for shell beans. Actually in England i don't think I know anyone who grows runners for shell beans. Runner beans are the No 1 popular green bean. Most gardens have an apple tree and a row of runner beans.

Yesterday I harvested one measly bean from my Hestia Bush runner beans, and I can only see about 4 more coming! Of course I picked it tenderly and cooked it, but it was tasteless! So disappointed! I'm wondering if bush beans have less flavour.


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