Bush Bean ( Contender) - Yellow/Light green leaves and small

ushan(7)June 29, 2009


I have a small raised bed in which I had sowed some Peas, Pole beans and Bush beans (Contender). The peas and Pole beans are doing fine - flowers and poda have appeared. The bush beans, however are still small, 6" or so and have yellow/light green leaves and do not look healthy at all.

Anyone know the reason or this?

We do have cold nights (50s) up until now.



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Are the pole beans and peas shading the beans?

Another thought --maybe the tall things have a bigger root system and are soaking up all the nutrients from the bush beans.

If the tall things are not shading the bush beans, then give the beans a few doses of something like manure or compost tea

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Well yes, the peas and beans do cast some shade - depending on where the sun is, but it does get full sun too. I will try compost.

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By the way, did you inocculate the seeds before sowing?
It is the lack of Nitrogen that creates yellowing of leaves in the early stage of the Bush beans.Second reason could be lack of enough water.

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