Yellow spotting on Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans

peps22June 21, 2014

Hi Folks,
This is a cross-post from the vegetable forum.

I have these kentucky wonder beans in a 4 gallon pot. I'm using soil-less potting mix. I'd say they're about 3 weeks old. It looks like the green part of the leaf is actually peeled off in these spots, leaving behind no pigment.

Some people suggested thrips or leaf miners. As far as leaf miners, I think they leave a trail, which I don't see.

Could it be some nutrient issue? Because its in a pot?

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That looks like some kind of bug damage to me.

I just Google'd "thrips damage" and many of the pictures look like the one you've posted here. I would wait for someone else to confirm, though, as I've no experience with thrips.

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