Asiatic Lilies

moxiecolaMay 23, 2006

I have quite a few lilies planted in my garden. Every year these red oval shaped beetles attack them. First they mate on the the lilies, lay their eggs on the leaves/stem, then they eat every leaf off the plant-so it's naked. Luckily they don't touch the flower but the plant looks kind of silly with nothing but a stem and some petals. I have tried different pesticides to kill these beetles but nothing seems to work. I would like to know if anyone else has had trouble with these pests. How did you get rid of them and do you know what kind of beetle they are?

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hld6(z7 MD)

You have Lily Beetles. Most sites recommend a heavy determined "squishing campaign". If your lilies are defoliated every year they will eventually die out - since the bulb will not get nourishment from the leaves photosynthesis. Google "lily Beetle" (with the quotes so it searches as a phrase).

Here's one link, but there are many more.


Here is a link that might be useful: One Lily Beetle Link

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