sorry these are the snaps in the tray

evilingarnettApril 12, 2014

I wasn't able to upload more than one file. I have four sets. One in a tray. One in a "seedstarter kit" (dome removed, black plastic) and a set in some peat pots and egg cartons. pictured in previous post.

The ones in peat pot/cartons are smaller but healthier looking.,They''re under grow lights

the tray and kit are just not growing and look wispy.

Neither have true leaves yet, just coleops(?) I put the trays in 3 weeks ago and the others 2 and a half. Should I scrap them and start over?

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These seedlings look "leggy" which indicates that they are stretching for light. I would suggest placing closely under a CFL or florescent tube light. Not sure if these can be saved or not. I had some leggy seedlings before that never recovered.

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thanks for taking the time to answer I appreciate it a lot.

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