Three IDs, please!

redwolfdoc_z5(5)August 11, 2014

Hello all!

I bought a collection of reblooming TB irises from Breck's last year. Won't be buying from Breck's anymore, mainly because I've had several plants that weren't what they were supposed to be, or orders have been delayed and then cancelled without explanation. But that's another post...

In any case, the irises are lovely, but at least half of them are definitely NOT what they were labelled!

If anyone can confirm or refute my guesses, and/or offer IDs on these irises, I would be very happy!

This was labelled as Color Tart, but obviously isn't. My best guess is Point Made. What do you think?

This was labelled as Chasing Rainbows. I think it could be Rainbow Candy. Thoughts?

And finally, this was labelled as Spartan but isn't. I have no idea what it might be... can you help?

Thanks in advance!

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

The only other "peach"/lav plicata I found with a burnt orange beard ending with a bit of a lav dart was 'Ominous Stranger'. The standards photograph anywhere from yellow to peach. The banding on the fall is spot on. Most pics of 'Point Made' showing the inner style arms, showed them to be deeper in pigment than the standards.

The pink/magenta purp.? rimmed one looks a bit like 'Cherry Blossom Song'. Not sure.
'Rainbow Candy' has a spray pattern that looks as tho it extends equal or further than the end of the beard and its rim (border) is listed as white.

The purple self is beyond me.

So disappointing to get mis-marks. If you can take pictures of a fresh bloom (like these) as well as the following 2 days it helps with id. One straight on and then move to the side for one. Also notice if it is photographing true to color. Make a note. Late day photos accentuate some colors. Not good for id purposes. Your photos have an excellent angle for the beard and hafts. Helps tremendously.

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iris_gal, thank you so much for your extremely helpful reply! Impressive. I'm learning a lot! What is the benefit of taking a photo of a bloom fresh and then again a couple days later, ID-wise?

It is definitely disappointing to get mis-marks. On one hand, these are gorgeous irises and I'm not at all sorry to have them, but on the other, I was looking forward to different ones and now my need-to-know-exactly-what-everything-is-OCD is flaring!

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Nancy zone 6

My Ominous Stranger has standards that are definitely very pale yellow rather than peach, with a hint of yellow in the falls, which is hard to tell in my photos.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I think I do detect some Coleman's mustard color in the 1st pic. Like ngraham says is present on her 'Ominous Stranger'. She takes great photos. Often cameras blow that specific color out on horizontal falls. As it can do with other colors too if the sun and camera are at a certain angle. Cameras record reflected light.

The reason for pics on sucessive days is flower form. The shape of the standards may change. The falls attain their mature shape. Sucessive days' pics. also help as the only other available pic. may have been taken when the pigment has faded.

There is something called barrel distortion. Some cameras more than others. I read that taking a picture with the zoom slightly activated can decrease this. Different views of the same flower give a more comprehensive look of it in real life.

My first iris catalog was Cooley's lovely one. There was the ugliest colored iris I'd ever seen, called 'Gigolo'. Ugh. Then I saw it in person. Whoa. That started my obsession with catching their true colors. The web was in infancy so unless you visited an iris farm you had nothing to go on but printed catalogs. We've come a long way. I love it. Keep shooting and sharing!

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Here is a picture of my Ominous Stranger taken this spring. Ann

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Thank you so much everyone! My flower was definitely more pale yellow than peach in person and I think you're all right - I'm going to call it Ominous Stranger with confidence!

iris_gal, I'd love to sit down with you and a good cup of coffee and chat about taking pictures! In that, as in gardening, I'm a newbie, but I love it. Just got my first DSLR (the Rebel T3i) and I've been having a ton of fun figuring it out and just playing around. Unfortunately, I missed all the iris blooms this year. What you say about successive pictures giving a more comprehensive feel for the flower makes a lot of sense.

I just picked up Thornbird at the annual Ontario Iris Society auction (what fun that was!). I think I'm going to plant it together in a group with Ominous Stranger and Night Owl.

ps - lovely picture, Ann!

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Wow. Look at those style arm markings! You don't see those in the average shot.

Karen, you're starting with a great camera. Here is a camera review site that has excellent info.

I have Thornbird and love it. Takes a great picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: dpreview

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Redwolf, those are some beautiful Irises.

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I know how frustrating it is to receive the wrong plant..
I also think the second one is Cherry Blossom Song. Titan's Glory on the purple?
Here's my Cherry Blossom Song to compare:

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