what is a 'cherry vanilla lily'?

love_a_lilyMay 18, 2010

I recently had a relative order me lilies from Publishers Clearing House that were called "cherry Vanilla Lilies" and when I called PCH to find out the real name of them since I could not find any info online they could not tell me anything but the description. They are a creamy white with a cherry red center. Has anyone ordered these lilies? Does anyone actually know what they are called or what the look like? Looking up the description online comes up with alot of different lilies with different variations of patterns. I plan on lining my driveway with lilies, one side daylilies, the other asiatic lilies, although i'm not sure how it'll look or if it'll work( my driveway is a steep hill and the flowers I planted grew at the top of the hill and at bottom but did nothing on actual sloped part). I'm an impatient person and waiting a year to see what the flower looks like and then trying to find out the name just seems like forever. Thanks to anyone who can halp or has any idea at all.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Unfortunately, many plants are called lilies that aren't.

Many common names vary regionally so without the latin name it is hard to know what they are.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I went to their website and looked at the plants. Many of the names are made up and there is no further information. Ridiculous.

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better homes and gardens has it listed on their web site. However, when I go there, I have not seen the flower you refer to. I know on PCH they do list a cherry vanilla Lilly

you might talk with better homes and gardens and see what they have and if they can show you what they look like


Here is a link that might be useful: better homes and gardens

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I just received mine in the mail from Publishers Clearing House. They appear to be a white oriental lily with a reddish/purple/pink center. It's hard to tell from the bag if it is an Oriental or Daylily but since it is bulbs I would say Oriental. They also sent a daylily called Wild Horses which I had to look up because there isn't a picture on the bag.

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