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alyciaadamo(3/4)May 19, 2011

My dad bought a house last year but moved in this winter so didn't have time to do anything in the yard. He is not particularly fond of flowers and there are tons of lilies, Hostas, phlox and sedum that he wants to throw away! I love all of these so I told him I would take them. Here lies the problem, I have never divided lilies. These bulbs look massive, without digging they look almost volley ball size, is that possible? I have no problems with the hostas and such but I have only started growing lilies last year. Should I try to pot these up then divide in the fall or what? I do not know what kind Asiatic or oriental but the foliage is definitely lily. I saw some foliage pics of Asiatics and I think it's closer to those.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Have you dug some of them? I've been growing lilies for a long time, I've never seen any bulbs approach volleyball size, though I've had some (trumpets) come close to softball size. If you must move them now I would try to move the whole clump with as much soil as possible and divide if needed in the fall.

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I have not dug them yet. My SIL just had a baby so my dad isn't in such a rush right now as he is watching my niece and nephews but the tiller is coming next week so I will probably try this weekend to did as much as I can.

There are 4 stems coming from the bulbs and the top soil is kind of blown away a little and it looks like they are all connected in one solid bulb. Like I said though I have only just started in lilies and don't know much.I will definitely take pictures when I dig them up. Tomorrow I think I will just get the sedum, a few Hostas, some phlox and a few daylilies. Maybe if I have room in my car I will see if I can get some of the Lilies.

I just want to make sure not to hurt any of the lilies because I don't get a lot of chances to dig up someones flower garden and take what ever I like! :)

Thank you

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

I think what you may be seeing is a "ball" of lily bulbs grown together. Don't try to tease them apart now as you would almost certainly break off stems. Just try to move the clump as a unit if you can and then divide and replant this fall when the stems have yellowed. Asiatics multiply pretty quickly and working the individual bulbs loose from the clump can be challenging. Sometimes a good blast of water from the hose will help to loosen them up, but again that's a job for this fall. Best of luck to you.

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