Texas/Southerner gardeners

ruthzJune 12, 2014

What beans are you growing with success?
When do you plant and how long until harvest?

I especially like to try growing the yard longs and others that I wouldn't be able to find at the store.

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I'm not in Texas, but I'm somewhat in the South...

I grow Contender bush beans and 1/2 pound of seed planted 200 row feet. I just picked 40 pounds of beans for the first pass last Saturday. Many of those were smallish because I knew it would be a week before I would do a second harvest. This weekend, I'll see how the second pass does. Usually, it's about half what the first one was, and I pull the plants as I'm working through on the second pass. Stragglers aren't worth it to me for a third pass or more.

It took just about 2 months for the first harvest to be ready. Some of them could probably have been picked a few days earlier. I'm not one to watch every plant and spot pick as I see them. I wait and do them all at one time.

Yard longs are actually peas, and I'll be trying them soon. Hopefully they will produce. Never done them. I picked them based on color for variety. I also have rattlesnake pole beans and some other pole beans to try.

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yolos - z 7b/8a Ga.

I planted dragon tongue beans last year and this year and they are very prolific. I planted them on 4/26 and picked my first one today 6/13/14. I also planted rattlesnake beans because I heard they were better than most pole beans in hot weather. I planted them on 4/21 and had my first one today 6/13/14. I love the dragon tongue beans because they do not get tough or stringy if you leave them on the vine too long. I tried 6 different varieties this year so I would know how they grow here in GA but they are just now ripening.

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I picked another 47 pounds this weekend off of my 200 row feet. And I pulled the plants as I was picking. So that's close to 90 pounds of beans off of 200 row feet. I'm tired of green beans! :-)

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bman123(7b/8a DFW TX)

I agree with chris. Contender is a great producer. Also, blue lake is good too

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I planted Contenders, Cherokee Wax, Dragon Tongue, and Rattlesnakes. We have gotten about 10 lbs from some short rows mostly Contenders and Cherokee Wax. So much rain this year, Rattlesnakes look good plantwise and some production maybe too much rain for them? Dragon Tongue and Cherokee Wax seem to have bit the dust with some disease and the Contender's are just hanging in, probably will pull all but the Rattlesnakes and put in something else. Any suggestions? Other veggies are fine too. Been trying to decide, my garden is so small it has to be productive!

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