Brooder lamps with CFLs

CaraRoseApril 2, 2013

Hi all,

I was curious if someone could tell me what distance a 150watt (equivalent to incandescent) CFL bulb in a brooder lamp should be from the plants?

I'm currently spotlighting an African lily we're overwintering in our basement. It seems to be reacting well to it (it wasn't getting enough window light down there and was pretty poor looking) and greening up, but it's on the ceiling maybe 3-4 feet above. Is this adequate or should it be closer?

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Steve, Micro (6B ground, 5B roof)

I am using 75 watt equivalency bulbs on my plants, and I don't like my plants any closer than 4 inches. At double the power of my bulb you need a greater distance. Since light spreads in two dimensions as It's distance increase in one dimension you need to multiply the square root 150/75 times 4 inche to have the same intensity that I have on my plants. Hear are some picture of what has worked well for me.

This is my 4 ft square with peppers

Seed grown meiwa kumquat tree next to is bucket light system---1 bulb

Light for broccoli below, heat for meiwa kumquat tree roots above.

While there probably nothing here that is what you are doing, it shows about how close you can be. Some plants scald easier than other. Most plant will show signs of distress before any damage sets in.

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