What should I buy?

daisyd681April 5, 2008

I'm looking to grow one or two dwarf tomatoes on my kitchen counter. My idea is to set up a selfwatering planter with a basic swingarm lamp attached to the wall. I have a space with no upper cabinets that I think will work. There is quite a bit of indirect light in the room with five windows and two skylights in about a 300 sq ft room. There are several different "plant" lights at my local Home Depot ranging from $5 to $20. My question is what's the lowest I can get away with? The electric company just sent a notice that the rates are going up, so I don't want to make that a lot worse. I don't have a clue as to what to look for. Any info would be great.



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Any "plant light" that goes for $5 to $20 is almost certainly a worthless scam. In that price range, you're better off with a two-tube 4' shoplight. This has an effective range of a few inches.

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What about a 100 watt compact flourecsent?

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I bought some 48 inch florescent "plant" lights at Walmart. They have worked just fine, although I only bought them because they were out of the cheaper regular shoplights I think they were about $5 each.

Make sure you read the label. I accidently bought a plant light and got home only to find out it was just to make my plants appear greener, not help them grow.

I got a hanging shop light at Walmart for $8. It's quite small and doesn't take up much space. If you bought a 2-pack of lights, it would probably be under $11 total for the whole set up. I've had good success with 40 watt lights.


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Upon closer inspection the "plant" lights were just flood lights with blue lenses. I got cfls that are 1600 lumen, 2700k. I'm hoping that with all of the indirect light in the room one will be enough. When they start to flour I can put another up.
Will that kelvin work?
On a side note I will be changing every bulb in the house to cfls. I didn't realise they were that efficient.

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"What about a 100 watt compact flourecsent?"

The light is concentrated, but is more difficult
to reflect than a point or line source.

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