To Toad Lillies I am death, not a gardener

meanderingfroggMay 16, 2006

I failed last year with Toad Lillies and apparently like hating myself so I thought I would try again this year. Sure enough these guys are dying again. I don't know what I am doing wrong, I'm following all the requirements for the tricyrtis formosana. I need help and I would be uber greatful!

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I used my unholy powers of deduction to figure out it was a squirrel using the lillies as lunch. I will walk you all through my sherlock holmes deducting process. First thing this morning (11:30AM) I went outside to survey my Eden (2 hostas and a toad lily). Much to my surprise a horrific beast (one fuzzy wuzzy squirrel) was plucking the toad lily's leaves from it violently. I drew my breath and charged the beast (I froze and watched). The beast fled in terror(The squirrel ate casually and frolicked off).
My next question is will a drinking glass keep my lilly safe?

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chemguynj(z6 NJ)

At Home Depot there is a deer spray that may work. It's basically hot pepper, eggs, and garlic. If you search the web there are homemade recipes. I myself make my own mix which I spray on the plant. If the squirrel is eating your flowers, he'll get a spicy surprise. It's humane and it works for me. Last year was my first year for toad lilies. Very cool.

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