Those irritating Emerites

susaneden(5)June 29, 2008

I have Emerite pole beans (some of you might remember the "fun" I had getting these guys to germinate this spring).

I now have a decent number of them, flowering and some with tiny fruit, BUT.....

of the 8 plants on one cage, 3 are climbing the cage. The rest are climbing DOWN and forming a tangled mass at the base of the cage. They insist on doing this, no matter how many times I patiently unwind them and wind them up the cage.

Anyone else ever have trouble with the way this particular variety climbs? It is a new variety for me.

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jwr6404(8B Wa)

Maybe they're trying to hide from all them slugs you have in NY

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Probably true! Got a lot of them, though!

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Many pole beans dislike climbing artificial supports... although I can't say if "Emerite" is one of them (yardlongs are the most finicky). Galvanized steel seems to be especially troublesome, so if the cages are galvanized, that may be the problem. When I grew "Emerite", I used string. As I recall, it was not a very strong climber.

I occasionally use weathered steel (such as rusted construction mesh) for pole beans; and the Seed Savers Exchange uses it almost exclusively for theirs, with great results. But I prefer using natural twine for vertical supports, since it seems to be universally acceptable to anything which climbs.

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Thanks Zeedman--I will try that with these #%^& beans next year, and use the cage for something less picky, like trombetta zukes or something.....

The ones that are climbing are climbing well, but not well enough to use cage space for them. I dislike using twine for climbers, because mine tends to rot/break before the beans are done with it (had that problem last year--hence the cages).

I might try to get my hands on soe CRW and leave it out all winter (should weather fine in the Buffalo snow belt lol).

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My Emerites are up to about 8 feet on ROUGH wooden poles. They climb fine on something they can grip.

Next time you're out by your Emerites, touch near the tip of the vines. You'll see how "sticky" they are.

CRW may be OK. The rougher, the better.


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Thanks Gary!

The ones that are vlimbing are doing it beautifully--I just need to be patient with the others :D

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