Pictures of your indoor gardens

tflintonApril 25, 2008

Hi, thought i'd post some pictures of my indoor garden. My cucumber plants are now producing about 2 cucumbers per week (these pictures are slightly older). I'd love to see what other people have growing!

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The setup is 4' T8 coolwhite/warmwhite bulbs, the bottom two are over-driven. Currently growing habanero, jalapeno, banana, bell peppers, super sweet 100 and roma tomatoes, burpless cucumbers, a variety of herbs, pink lemonade tree, sweet yellow onions, lettuce, spinich.

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Nice. Try hanging a little mylar curtain off each side of ur fluro fixtures - see in ur picture how much light is wasted going sideways and reflecting off the wall. Mylar will direct it downwards and ur plants will grow better. I have confirmed the benefit myself by using a light meter.

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Just as an update, i've ordered some mylar, thanks for the suggestion. My bell peppers seem to have some odd spotting, some of my herbs are starting to fall over and brown on the edges as well. I'm trying to figure out what's the problem, I think it's either;

a) over watering
b) a disease (tobacco mosaic virus?)
c) bugs or larvae from bugs
d) lack of fertilizer
e) crowding on the roots.

I've done a few things wrong, my watering schedule hasn't been consistant so I think I may be over watering, it seems the plants that i've accidently neglected (i.e. oregano) are still doing great where as the ones i've douced too much seem to be floppy and browning.

I also smoke which makes me think it might be the tobacco mosaic virus, but I never smoke inside and always wash my hands afterwards.

I've found some fruit flies or gnats hanging around the garden, I put up some fly traps and have caught a good amount but i'm not sure if these are the cause of my problems.

I haven't fertilized my plants once, in the past month and half. Taking them from seed starting trays to transplanting them two to three weeks ago I figured the soil probably still had sufficient nutrients. Most of the readings i've taken from the soil have shown pretty good concentrations of phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen.

The more obvious problem may be that the plants are simply growing out of their containers, roots are visible from the bottom drainage holes, however i'm not sure if this is a serious problem.

Any suggestions?

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